The Art + Ease of Hosting a Dinner Party

Guided by practical advice and professional secrets, you remain calm and on point, enjoying the festivity along with your guests. Learn core steps that are adaptable to any occasion.

Perhaps you would love to entertain over a meal, but simply don't know where to start--or are nervous about how to accomplish every detail. Have you ever marveled at how some people can host a party and everything seems to sparkle and flow? The food is beautifully presented, everything seems to be ready at the same time, and the host or hostess is calm and enjoying the occasion right along with their guests. How do they do this? Dr. Hawkins is an experienced hostess and will guide you step by step on how to achieve a successful dinner party for any size or occasion.
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Do you long to entertain guests over a meal but uncertain how to put it all together?

Imagine the sound of excited chatter as your guests arrive and listen as this turns into a happy murmur while they enjoy a beautiful dinner. Hear the rise and fall of contented conversation and laughter, lasting long after dessert has been served. Strangers have become friends over your table, and you enjoy this gift as much as they.

  • Learn how to make your guests feel welcome long before they arrive

  • Plan a menu tailored to please your guests, fit your budget, and accomodate the size and scope of your kitchen and home

  • Shop for, prepare ahead of time, and serve the meal with the precision and timing of a top restaurant

  • Magically serve, yet seem totally present with your guests

  • Find tips on how to avoid disasters, enjoy the evening, and even relish some of Dr. H's favorite recipes proven to be successful performers for dinner parties

  • Follow along with Dr. H as she helps you think throught each step of the way to ensure a seamless flow for the evening

  • Free Bonus included: Potato School PDF! The Art + Zen of trusting yourself as a cook, plus how to make amazing mashed potatoes!

Course curriculum

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  • 1
    Envision Your Perfect Party
  • 2
    • Who's coming? Making your guests welcome long before the event.
    • Setting the Menu: Essential Points to Consider
    • So, what's for dinner? Setting the Menu.
    • Envision the Event: Your Secret to Ensuring Success
  • 3
    Implement and Acheive
    • Shopping
    • Prepping: Weeks Ahead, Day Before, and Day of the Party
    • Serving the Dinner: Restaurant Precision
    • Clean up and Review: You did this!
    • Potato School PDF

The Everday PhD

Lifelong Learning for Everyday Life

Earning a PhD is a privilege. However, the joy of learning should belong to everyone and this is Dr. H’s mission: to share knowledge about all kinds of topics with fascinating people just like you.  

Join her as she guides you in learning new skills about everyday, and perhaps not so everyday, subjects

Dr. H has the knack of turning her lifelong curiosity and scholarly approach into courses that are accessible to everyone and leave the learner feeling positive, empowered and confident.

How many occasions are coming up that you would love to host?

Start planning your perfect dinner party today!

Following Dr. H's warm and inviting learning style, you will be on your way to planning, preparing, and executing an amazing event in no time. You will remaining calm and on point, enjoying the party as much as your guests.
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How many occasions are coming up that you would love to host?

Lee Ann Hawkins PhD

Instructor and Course Author

  • Lee Ann Hawkins PhD

    Lee Ann Hawkins PhD

    Creator and Author

    Lee Ann Hawkins PhD, RN, FNP is a nurse practitioner; her many responsibilities in nursing extend from clinician to university professor and award-winning published researcher. However, this is only part of her life-- she describes herself as liminal – meaning one who slips across role boundaries with ease--prompted by her innate curiosity, love of people and sense of adventure. A surprise to many is the fact she holds a business degree in hotel and restaurant management! A lifelong learner, Dr. H is deeply interested in others' ways of knowing--about almost any topic. She is energized by creating, exchanging ideas, cooking, entertaining, feeding people (and any creature crossing her path), and being outside in her garden and in nature. Dr. H always learns from her students, excels in making difficult topics accessible and students successful, and is looking forward to having you along on the journey.